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PVC Board

PVC signs offers a good mix of durability, value for money and print quality.

Our custom PVC prints can be placed outdoors and could withstand harsh weather conditions, including water, where most other prints would fade or even become unreadable.

Also called “Sintra”, this material is a lightweight yet rigid and durable board made of PVC plastic, which is great for indoor use as well.

The graphics are printed directly onto the surface of the PVC board using our UV Flatbed printer which produces outstanding color and print quality.

Printing on PVC board eliminates the need for mounting vinyl, making it an economical method of producing durable signage.

PVC board printing is ideal for multiple applications including trade show displays, business signs, real estate signs, and many other uses.
Our 1/8″ PVC Board’s textured surface provides a matte appearance, so it produces low glare and shows the graphics clearly.

It’s also easy to cut to fit any display and can be printed on both sides.


  • UV Printed
  • Maximum size  48" x 96” (store pickup only for size over 46" x 38")
  • High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
  • Double side printing is available
  • Indoor and short term outdoor use, waterproof and UV safe

Create your file in CMYK mode with a resolution of 300dpi.

If your file has been created in RGB or includes RGB objects, we recommend converting the file to CMYK.

Do not include bleeding or crop marks in your artwork.

Your artwork should reflect only what you need to be printed in the final product.

Before you upload your artwork, be sure your artwork is sent in the same size or ratio as your order.
In order to provide you the fastest turn around, all artworks for Large Format products are sent directly to press.
We will not be responsible for any reprints if your file is sent in size ratio different than the measurements specified in your order.

If you need a decimal size or special size, you requested through our “Estimate” section.

If you are working with vector images (in programs like Adobe Illustrator), the final size artwork is not necessary unless you have placed photographs into your document. Then the above guidelines will apply.

All fonts should be converted to curves or outlines.

We suggest your files to be flatten or rasterized if possible to minimize the file size.

We accept the following file formats: PDF and JPG files.

JPG files are accepted, but they must be prepared properly (It’s strongly suggested that the JPG is created the closest size possible to the final print size).

For an extended resistance on weather and abrasion we offer High Gloss Lamination.

Lamination Laminated with Pressure Sensitive High Gloss Film helps in keeping materials as good as new for many years, increasing the durability as well as preserving the color.

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